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4 hours

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COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Research indicates that millions of adults, especially women are stalked each year, yet stalking is a crime that is often minimized and goes unreported until a serious crime is committed, or the results are bodily injury or death.  This training is designed to provide law enforcement individuals an overview on stalking and investigating stalking cases, as well as providing tips for the victim and first responders, information in the evidence collection process to substantiate a case, and guidance in investigating stalking cases. This training will cover general statistics relating to stalking, typology of stalkers, and stalking laws. Participants will also learn what necessary evidence should be obtained in stalking cases and how to assist victims in documentation and evidence preservation.  We will also discuss a safety plan for the victims that should be established to aid in their safety and decrease risk.  And finally, the training will give a detail list for building stalking cases by focusing on investigative strategies, response, and threat assessment.


TARGET AUDIENCE: Peace Officers, Jailers, Telecommunication Officers, Civilians, Military LE, Victim Advocates

PREPARED BY: Janice Washington

Course Prerequisites